The territoriality required by the oil companies sees VALGRANDE managing its activities in the oil sector mainly in Triveneto and in Emilia Romagna while the ones regarding renewable energy, rock climbing consulting and worksite safety are performed at national and international level.

The activities, carried out by consultants in Italy and abroad, are coordinated by our headquarters in Treviso near Venice.

The supply of services and the professional activities performed in the oil sector engages only partially the company’s personnel.

In fact since 2010 the company has been following a program of expansion and differentiation of the activities not anymore only concerning engineering but also services and research.

In recent years this process has led to the company broadening both the number of clients and the types of commissions guaranteeing stability and innovation to the same VALGRANDE.

Inspired by the principles of sustainable development, the company faces the problems and the opportunities tied to energy saving.


Registered Office
Comelico Superiore – Belluno

Branch Office
Udine – Friuli Venezia Giulia

Operating Office
Treviso – Veneto