Natural engineering


The experience we have accumulated in shoring up rock faces means that the Valgrande team can guarantee results and reliability for new contracts regarding all kinds of natural engineering work.



In 2000, after 10 years of partnership with numerous companies of the sector, Zandonella Sarinuto Giovanni joined VALGRANDE bringing his experience and expertise to its team of professionals that work together in different sectors.

His proven experience in ensuring rock face safety allows him, today, to give expert advice on projects that are increasingly complex.

For many years now, he has guaranteed with VALGRANDE’s team results and reliability on the new contracts in Italy and abroad.

The company works in the sector of rock slope and land reinforcement, scaling, rockfall barriers, avalanche barriers in all Italy and abroad with contracts stipulated with the largest building companies.

It uses highly specialised personnel to carry out the works, even at high altitudes, and on any type of land or on buildings where it is difficult to operate with the usual scaffolding.

VALGRANDE, thanks to its team of expert technicians and to its highly specialised personnel, rock climbers and mountaineers, is able to carry out the job containing the costs more than the usual safety plans for worksites can.