Renewable energy


Renewable energy is the energy gathered from renewable sources, i.e. those which are naturally recreated during a human lifetime – for example, the sun, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.


The Valgrande commitment

We aim to create value for investors through a clear selection process and by finding the best solutions for their needs, always striving to attain sustainable growth for businesses and society in the long term.

Valgrande turns resources into value

We’re specialists in research and in the selection of the necessary financial and technological resources to enable the construction of new plants or make improvements to existing ones.
We assist our clients with staff training and recruitment of new human resources to manage the energy-production plants.
Our search for new solutions both for new plants and for technological improvements to existing ones is ongoing.

How we create value

Valgrande Energia is ongoing innovation and research; these elements, which no business can be competitive without nowadays, require investment in highly qualified personnel. This makes it possible to generate winning ideas for a market that demands ever more efficiency, efficacy, safety, environmental concern and cost containment.

Energy sectors

Valgrande Energia focuses especially on the production of biogas and photovoltaic energy. In these two sectors, we’ve developed plants both for producing energy for sale and for self-consumption.

Self-consumption plants are becoming more and more economically advantageous. The experience we have accumulated in energy analyses and in building plants, together with the falling cost of components and the rising cost of energy, mean that every year it becomes more profitable to create self-production plants for electrical and thermal energy by harnessing the power of the sun or the by-products of company activities.


2011-2018 Projects and results

155 biogas plants – 2.0 MW output

60 photovoltaic plants – 4.8 MW output

hydroelectric plants – 0.44 MW output

80 companies – Advice regarding agronomy

25 plants – Advice regarding biology

40 plants – Advice regarding energy