At Valgrande, we’re specialists in designing, installing and supplying materials and products created by Italian design to fit out all kinds of spaces.


At Valgrande, we’re specialists in designing, installing and supplying materials and products created by Italian design to fit out all kinds of spaces.

This idea arose from the desire to respond to the challenge that the food and beverage sector has laid down for sector operators in recent years: with clientele who are more and more demanding in terms of the quality and origin of foodstuffs and consequently more selective about outlet formats and innovation in this field, both excessively standardized retail catering formats and overly improvised and uncodified formats have been thrown into crisis.

We see it as our job to flank our clients who move in the world of retail catering and help them create replicable innovative concepts that will work in a competitive context in which tenders for the award of contracts and licences play a huge role – as does the market sector concerned.

Valgrande provides advisory services to businesses in the field of retail catering, with a focus in particular on the travel retail segment (cafés and bars at airports and on motorways) and areas with large numbers of customers (universities, hospitals). In these types of outlets, the format on offer is crucial, first to win the tender for assignment of the retail space, then to ensure that the outlet will be a commercial success.

Our operations in the world of retail catering are based in our Tenders Office. Thanks to their significant experience, our team can walk clients through this vital strategic stage where the spaces are conceived and redefined, then along the path that leads to the awarding of contracts which will give the company the right to manage an outlet located in a highly strategic location with a large number of potential customers.

The team Valgrande uses at this stage is made up of architects and plant engineers, renderers and lighting designers working alongside the team that concentrates on the organizational and financial aspects.

Thanks to long-standing partnerships, Valgrande is also able to provide services in a capacity as general contractor, even latch-key solutions where we look after not only the design stage but also the creation of the retail spaces.

The service offered by Valgrande is high quality, comprising advisory services, design, planning and selection of the finest products bearing the famed Made in Italy label for quality and design all around the world.

At Valgrande we’re experts in designing, installing and supplying materials such as marble, parquet, tiles, internal doors and staircases, and top-quality indoor and outdoor wall coverings using innovative materials.

Valgrande uses only qualified workers, whether from our own staff or from certified companies, who are specialized in the various fields involved in each job.

Valgrande boasts many years of experience in fitting out all kinds of spaces, ranging from hospitality structures to offices, wellness centres, gyms and sports clubs. We’ve gained the trust of important clients in Italy and, more recently, also in Europe.

The platform we have built through years of careful selection of human resources and on-the-job experience allows us to optimize all sectors and facilitate our research and logistics operations.

Valgrande is creativity, know-how and innovation built around an ongoing process of entrusting responsibility to qualified personnel and seeking out new resources fresh from university education or other companies. These sturdy bases allow us to always look towards new horizons.